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When occident foreign companies come to China’s second-tier and under cities to set up Small Medium Enterprises, one of the headaches is to find an English-speaking professional accounting & tax advisory and agency firm. Even there is help from local professionals, due to language and communication problems, it is still hard for investors to find the correct way of investment and to completely understand the local investment and tax policy.

Furthermore, it is hard for the foreign investors to set up a complete and legal financial & tax system as well as the related procedures. Therefore, different kinds of incompliant problems regarding tax and legal areas will be accumulated with the invested company and lead to serious legal risks step by step.

Our team focuses on providing professional, timely and considerate services for Accounting & Tax advisory for all small medium foreign invested companies in China.

A lucky investor may get the fluent English-speaking internal accountant by recruitment, but it does not mean the invested company no longer needs an external consultant. Due to the professional limitation of internal accountant, particularly when it comes to comprehensive issues regarding taxation, customs, foreign exchange, labor, banks and so on, it is hard for the internal accountant to propose sophisticated professional advice and options to the company’s management.

Due to the above reasons as well as my financial and tax consulting experience in accounting firms and working experience in European invested companies totally for more than 10 years, I set up Cathy Consulting Firm and hope to bring professional advice to new investors or the managements and financial staffs of current foreign invested Small Medium Enterprises so that they can do business in China successfully.

Cathy Zhang

CEO & Founder

Graduated from Beijing Normal University with majors of Economics Management and English. She has passed TEM-8 for English which is the highest level of exam for English specialized students.

After working in a big accounting firm as senior tax consultant for around 8 years, working in MANGO China as financial director for around 4 years, and then leading Cathy team services for many years, she has accumulated much useful experience in providing tax related advisory services to foreign companies. She is also very familiar with the national economic and taxation polices as well as the tax practice in many major cities of Guangdong province and Yangtze River Delta.

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